The Christian Fellowship Church


Statement of Faith


  •     GRACE The value of a person is neither dependant on his/her qualities, nor on his/her merits. God's grace is without condition. 
  •      It is this free (costless) love of God which in turn makes the human being capable to love his/her kind freely (costless) as well.

  •     FAITH Faith is given without condition. Every human being is called to freely receive faith.

  •     THE BIBLE The Bible is our unique reference (resource) on theological matters. Christians acknowledge the sole authority of the Bible.

  •     TO GOD BE THE GLORY Jesus Christ has given us the right and responsibility to understand and do God's will. Thus, being 
  •     accountable to God, Christians are not to despise their fellow believers but to accept one another as Christ's servants, allowing each
  •     other freedom of conscience.
  •      We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is our Saviour.


Our mission is to build a healthy church which helps all to say "Yes" to Jesus.

Our values:

  •   We value living lives that are fully dependent on God in obedience to Christ and the Bible.
  •   We value generous hearts that are committed to building the Kingdom of God.
  •   We value all people inside and outside the Christian family - every generation, every culture.
  •   We value doing our best because it honours God and inspires others.
  •   We value integrity - committed to being honest, transparent and above reproach.
  •   We value community because we are stronger when we work together.